What will happen after I sign up?

  1. You sign up
  2. We review your details
  3. You get access to your property dashboard
  4. You can load your inventory, prices and pictures and policy
  5. When you’re ready, set your property live!

After you’ve registered your property, we will receive your information you provided . You’ll then receive an email with login details such as user name and password. This is where you’ll go to update your rooms available to sell and prices.

Will I be able to update any registration details at a later date?

Once you’ve registered with us, you can update your details at any time. For example, if you add a property or if you want to add more about the area — you can include this information whenever you want.

Can I upload any photos ?

When you sign up we ask you to upload photos of your property This is because we know our guests love browsing through photos when looking tore place to stay. We recommend that you load pictures of inside and outside the property. There is no need to use professional photos as smart phones are just as dependable and show nice pictures.

When will my property go online?

Once you’re all signed up and we’ve reviewed your information, we’ll send you an email with next steps for getting your property live on

What do I get for the commission I pay?

  • A powerful, online presence! At we will showcase your properly page on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to make sure exposing you to the highest possible number of potential bookers.
  • Innovative tools and features. Our team are constantly working on the website to keep up with the latest developments in the online world, ensuring that your page is optimised to encourage bookings.
  • Instant confirmation
  • All bookings made through Bookingholline,ca are instantly confirmed
  • Verified guest reviews
  • 24/7 Support
  • Our round-the-clock supportteam is here for you and your guests

How do I find out how much commission I will pay for bookings?

When you add your property to Bookinghotline,ca you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage of 8%will be shown at the ‘Agreement’ step of the registration process. At the end of each month, we’ll send you an invoice with the amount of commission owed.

What happens if a guest cancels?

You set your own cancellation policy. When a guest cancels a reservation. If a guest cancels and your property has a free cancellation policy,the guest pays nothing and you don’t pay commission. Its guest cancels and your property doesn’t have a free cancellation policy, the guest pays a fee, and you pay commission on the amou that the guest pays you.

How do guests pay for their bookings?

Guests will pay you for their bookings when they arrive at your property. Or you can charge the guest credit card.

What happens if a guest does not show up (a no show)?

No show? you stel get paid by charging the guest it is based on your policy. and .

What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?

You can request security deposits from guests. Deposits can help cover any potential damage that a guest might cause — providing some assurance that your property will be treated respectfully. Other kinds of properties may be covered by insurance.